Your holiday is safe - Our Anti Covid-19 measures

July 5 2022

The sun that lights up the summer,
the waves that go and then come back,
the sand that remains on the skin,
the wind that dries it slowly.
This is the sea that awaits you, do not miss even a grain of happiness.

Dear guest,
here at Residence Sunrise, everything is ready to offer you a beach holiday in total safety. Since March (this year) we have worked to secure the entire structure and give you the opportunity to spend a holiday with all the comforts, and the guarantee that the safety standards will be the same that you would have at home.
The big advantage is that here, we will take care of everything.
The residence is very close to the beach and the apartments are large, bright and each one has a private terrace where you can spend moments of absolute relaxation or have a meal of the day. You can order them at home, from the best restaurants in Cesenatico, or prepare them as and when you want in the kitchen of the apartment.
The choice is yours.


The measures with which we guarantee your safety

In the apartment

  • OZONE-based sanitization: before each check-in, in addition to standard cleaning, the apartment is sanitized by mites, viruses and bacteria through an OZONE-based environmental saturation procedure that sanitizes all surfaces and even mattresses, the cushions, the air and all the most difficult parts to reach;
  • Biocontamination control: textiles and linen are treated in the laundry room with a biocontamination control system;
  • Access to reception and apartments through an independent personal card. 

In common areas

  • Reception with protective PVC barrier; 
  • Customer registration via online check-in;
  • Security devices worn by the entire Sunrise team;
  • Stations for hand disinfection;
  • Children's area with regulated access;
  • Sanitization of all common areas as prescribed;

Benefits of the apartments

  • Family run residence;
  • Home security, relaxation by the sea;
  • Cozy and bright apartments;
  • Kitchen and private terrace for each apartment;
  • Home delivery service for the delivery of groceries or meals;
  • Sunrise Card (10% discount on meals and shopping at affiliated stores);
  • Independent entrance with badge;
  • Vacation insurance with Europ Assistance policy;

Maximum flexibility for deposits!

We are waiting for you!!

The areas marked with an asterisk (*) are obligatory